How To Avoid Filling In Your Tax Return…

So I don’t know about you, but despite working as self employed all but one year since the 90’s, I still balk at sorting out my tax. I do it all myself and when I actually do it it doesn’t take me too long, but this week I even amazed myself at the lengths I went to to avoid adding up those numbers and sending it off….

I met people in town for coffee, I got my ears and eyes tested – they were fine and that’s the inside of my eye in case you were wondering.

I picked up my ukulele after many weeks and introduced a friend to the lessons which take place at the Port Mahon and that was Monday….

Over the rest of the week ultimate frisbee beckoned – must get fit after Christmas, our book group met and discussed The Essex Serpent, I went to watch my son singing in Magdalen chapel and my to do list filled my page a day diary. The tax form page stayed open – I’d found the user name and password – it was a start…

Strong winds rattled through the night which made the bins look like a massacre had taken place between the houses

and in the park we gathered the fallen wood for our burner. The winter sun was glorious.

Then I decided after several months that the broken shower really needed fixing NOW and with the help of a neighbour and “The Shower Doctor” online I did the actual fixing, learning what a pressure relief device is, ordering the part and screwing it in – felt good.

I was advised to use Vitamin C to descale the shower head and pipe so I emptied out the rest of the blackcurrant fizzy tablets (went out of date in 2015 anyway) and left them soaking before rubbing down and reattaching ….but still the  deadline for my tax return loomed.

I mentioned my dilemma on the school run – a parent asked if I’d seen the episode in Black Books in which he does everything he can think of to avoid sorting his accounts. Back home I sat and watched it…

Friday arrived….I tried to escape the tax form by going to pilates at the Florence Park Community Centre but it was full, so I headed home… I’d have a quick bath – but the boiler broke down and Hugh and I were suddenly busy fixing it, finding a pipe that needed reattaching.

But whilst I was up there balancing on the washing machine I noticed the thick cobwebs….

till I finally totted up my meager income and my expenses and clicked submit, paid up and I’VE DONE IT….till next year.




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  1. Jake Backus says: Reply

    I feel exactly the same. I just did mine. It has built up a load of stress for a very long time, and what a relief to have done it. I have found about 16 errors and significant improvements HMRC can make to their self-assessment and company tax website but despite much trying, they don’t seem to be a learning organisation where they can take feedback, improve the user experience, and no doubt increase their tax revenue. Sometimes it feels easier to just go to Bermuda like the monied people.

  2. Hilary Wainer says: Reply

    I loved this and chuckled all the way through!

  3. Christine Essex says: Reply

    Well done! Yes, it is always something l also avoid until the last minute!

    At least my income is similar year to year, so that makes the process less daunting,
    – as l know where to find the figures and the separate expenses, and it always feels good when l make a start, so l remind myself of that!

    You are not alone!

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